The exceptional journey of Luxury Events Agency takes root in Belgium in 1998 when I realized my dream by creating my first event agency. After an intense career marked by the execution of over 180 events, my path takes an extraordinary turn in 2002. In this pivotal year, destiny leads me to my soulmate, an experienced man with a well-established career as a visionary in nuclear medicine. Together, we decide that I take a sabbatical from events to fully dedicate myself to our love and family. This break becomes a modern fairy tale, where I free myself from the tower and immerse myself in a life of travel and family happiness. Through these adventures, guided by my husband, I discover a luxurious world through the most prestigious global palaces, top-rated restaurants, and new cultures that enrich my life. With a background in interior architecture, I devote my free time to construction and design projects, returning to my original profession. However, this exploration doesn't entirely fulfill me. I feel a deep desire to share these discoveries with the world. In 2012, after my divorce and relocation to St Tropez, I decide to rekindle my connection with my first loves: events and ephemeral projects. Thus, Luxury Events Agency is born under my guidance as the founder and creator. I embody the enthusiast for luxury events who invests intensely to create exceptional experiences, always with a radiant smile. Firmly believing in the magic of moments, I constantly strive to learn, grow, and surpass my own achievements. My reputation is built around organizing renowned events for an international clientele, drawn to my professionalism, meticulous attention to detail, and innovative approach.

Boldness and innovation are the keys to my success, positioning me among the most sought-after event organizers in Europe. Under my direction, Luxury Events Agency operates as a one-stop-shop where every detail is maneuvered with ease and elegance. Whether guiding a shy speaker to find their voice, helping a bride find happiness, or ensuring every guest feels cherished and important, I am fully committed to delighting my clients. However, nothing was prepared for the challenges ahead. In 2019, I experienced a serious car accident that deprived me of my quadrilingualism and placed me in a delicate situation with my international clientele. Losing these four languages poses a very difficult and challenging hurdle for me, especially in the demanding context of my work. Today, I met a professional with exceptional talents. She honed her skills in Paris in the field of human relations before venturing into the south of France, spending her summers in Saint-Tropez and her winters in Courchevel, in the realm of high-end service. She excels in serving a demanding and international clientele, catering to their most intimate needs and expectations. This encounter turned out to be a genuine heartwarming experience for me, fostering an unparalleled bond. This individual adds an extra strength to the empowerment of Luxury Events Agency. This collaboration is a significant asset that enhances the quality of our services. This new dynamic has enabled me to overcome linguistic challenges and has strengthened Luxury Events Agency's ability to provide exceptional services to a demanding international clientele.

The story of this unique collaboration adds a human and inspiring dimension to the narrative of Luxury Events Agency, underscoring the resilience and power of friendship in the professional world. Luxury Events Agency is a story of encounters, passion, and expertise specialized in prestigious events worldwide. If you are seeking a unique, exceptional, sublime, and bespoke experience, we are here to build this project together. Deeply connected with top-tier suppliers, sharing a common vision to create unforgettable events, the agency has privileged access to organize exclusive visits to art residences, couture workshops, and behind-the-scenes tours. If you are in search of an enthusiastic event professional ready to collaborate, I am the ideal partner to bring your dreams to life. "I love working with people from around the world who have high expectations and bold dreams," she shares. "There is nothing more rewarding than seeing our clients celebrate with joy, ease, and comfort, knowing that our work has contributed to it!" This touching story retraces my journey, from founding my first agency to rediscovering my passion after a well-deserved break. Today, as a conductor of luxury events, I share my expertise and love for creating unforgettable moments with the world. Luxury Events Agency embodies renewal, passion, and expertise, guided by an inspiring woman who has transformed her own fairy tale into an exceptional professional adventure.

We make the IMPOSSIBLE, POSSIBLE - worldwide.

Questions / Answers:

1Where do you organize events?
We are based in Saint-Tropez, France, but operate internationally as destination event planners. We most frequently work on the French Riviera, in Paris, Corsica, and Italy.
2What is the cost of a luxury event or wedding?
The cost of an event or wedding depends on your expectations and the scale of the event. Our approach involves creating a detailed budget simulation, encompassing estimated costs for the venue, design, furniture rental, stationery, event staff such as hostesses, entertainment, musical groups, photography and videography, as well as structures like orangeries or tents. These figures vary based on the number of guests, venue, and country. Generally, our events are planned with an average cost of around 2,500 euros per person, ensuring an exceptional and memorable experience. Our commitment is to provide you with a high-end professional service, reflecting the quality and exclusivity of your event.
3Why did you create your event planning business?
I created my event planning business out of passion and dedication to the art of creating memorable moments. If you take the time to read my story in the "About" section, you can discover the experiences and encounters that have shaped my vision. Each event I plan is infused with this passion and story, creating unique and unforgettable experiences for my clients.
4How do you find beautiful venues?
We continually explore exceptional venues in Europe and around the world. Thanks to years of networking and building friendships, we can offer you privileged access to highly sought-after locations.
5How many event coordinators will work on my event?
The number of event coordinators on our team varies from one event to another. However, at a minimum, you can expect to see me as the lead planner and designer, accompanied by at least two event coordinators.
6How many team members will be on-site during my event?
Our commitment is total to ensure the success of your event from A to Z, with members of our team always present on-site to oversee every moment flawlessly. The number of staff required on-site is determined based on the scale and complexity of the event, ensuring coordination tailored to your specific needs.
7What makes your planning style unique?
Our clients perceive in us an authentic connection, overflowing enthusiasm, refined elegance, limitless creativity, and an ability to quickly adapt to necessary changes. Our events stand out for their unmatched chic and resolutely entertaining atmosphere, with surprises at every turn. Above all, I maintain attentive listening and fully invest myself to bring our clients' specific visions to life. Our professional reputation is characterized by a serious approach, tinged with humor and enthusiasm, allowing us to tackle challenges with elegance and confidence.
8How would your former clients describe their experience working with you?
I warmly invite you to check the reviews of some of my former clients on Google, although I don't actively solicit ratings. These testimonials authentically and directly reflect their experience working with me, and I believe it could give you an accurate perspective on the quality of my services and my relationship with clients.
9What event planning packages do you offer?
My pricing policy is entirely tailored to your specific needs. Regarding full planning and design, my fees are established based on a percentage of the total expenses. For more intimate events or specific services, I prepare a customized quote, taking into account the scope of the event and the time required from my team and myself.

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