Luxury wedding planner & events designer on the French Riviera, Monaco, Paris, Corsica, France, Europe & internationally such as Italy, Bali, Lapland, Africa…) for high-end weddings and prestigious events.

Designing globally inspired events, extensive international expertise, renowned creative partners, and a profound respect for the unique traditions of each culture. These pillars define our commitment as dedicated partners and organizers of luxury weddings in Europe. Based in Saint-Tropez, we are devoted to the creation and celebration of extraordinary events, marked by excellence and meticulous attention to detail.

We cover a broad range of destinations: French Riviera "From Saint-Tropez to Monaco", Provence, Paris, Corsica, Bali, Lapland, Africa, New York, Greece, Italy, Marrakech and more...
Within Luxury Events Agency, we are deeply convinced that the essence of a luxury wedding planner lies in their ability to reinvent the extraordinary at each celebration, providing our clients with a unique and memorable experience.

Our distinctive expertise is showcased through our exceptional service, leaving an emotional footprint throughout your journey. We strive to create unforgettable moments for you at every step, while your guests reminisce in awe about how they were enchanted.

Our journey takes us to exceptional locations, from enchanting weddings on the shores of Lake Como to birthday celebrations in the dazzling deserts near Marrakech or Dubai. We shape private events that illuminate the south of France, from the sumptuous atmosphere of Provence to the prestigious Principality of Monaco and the majestic Corsica. Our prestigious footprint also extends to iconic destinations worldwide, such as Italy, the enchantment of Bali, the authentic lands of Africa, and the magical landscapes of Lapland.

We have the privilege of privatizing prestigious venues such as castles, museums, and five-star hotel complexes classified as palaces among the most renowned in the world, ensuring maximum confidentiality and the ultimate experience for you and your loved ones. Whether your desires include custom appointments with Parisian haute couture houses or the invitation of famous singers, we transform your dreams into reality.
With an international clientele, our talent lies in the harmonious fusion of cultural aspirations with the art of production and design. We specialize in the unexpected, the luxurious, and the unique experience, combining exquisite gastronomy with inventive entertainment, all wrapped in unparalleled service. For us, being a luxury wedding planner goes beyond mere organization; it is a comprehensive experience from our first meeting to the departure of the last guest. Your vision, our creativity, and unparalleled personal attention will be reflected at every stage of this exceptional journey.

As the founder of Luxury Events Agency, Sandrine embodies excellence as a luxury wedding planner in Europe. She offers a comprehensive service ensuring that every detail, every unique cultural element is honored and executed with meticulous perfection.

Through a comprehensive offering of planning and production, we ensure that nothing is left to chance, from exquisite cuisine to innovative performances in surprising yet prestigious venues.

An event orchestrated by Luxury Events Agency embodies grandeur, sophistication, global influence, and unparalleled personal attention. Every detail is meticulously crafted to provide an experience where culinary excellence harmoniously blends with innovative artists in unexpected settings. We are the symbol of a celebration that transcends borders, leaving an indelible mark of prestige and refinement.

We make the IMPOSSIBLE, POSSIBLE – worldwide

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"With your vision as our guide, we make your dream a reality."

High-end agency specialized in organizing prestigious weddings and private events. Our expertise extends to renowned destinations such as the French Riviera, Paris, Corsica, Marrakech, the United States, Italy, Bali in Indonesia, as well as Lapland, and many more...

Saint-Tropez My Love


Discover in video the story of Clara & Tom that we accompanied from the marriage proposal to the organization of their fabulous wedding.

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Our bold leader, Sandrine, the visionary founder of Luxury Events Agency, possesses the innate art of creating dazzling moments. Whether it's an exotic destination wedding or an intimate dinner among friends, every experience she orchestrates is memorable, elegant, and flawless. Negation has no place in her vocabulary, a reason why our clients' praises for her are endless.
What truly sets us apart in the competitive landscape is our comprehensive sensory approach, focused on creating spectacular and unique events that captivate your senses, leaving you hanging on every moment, with a deep desire to relive these moments again and again. We design our events with a theatrical perspective, constructing a complete narrative with a beginning, middle, and end. A carefully orchestrated rhythm that leaves our clients both impressed and surprised. Our design relies on engaging all five senses, whether through a subtle yet powerful fragrance wafting through the room, perfectly adjusted lighting capturing an ambiance, or a delightfully orchestrated musical selection evoking deep emotions. Every detail is thoughtfully considered to create an immersive experience, where each sense is stimulated, and every moment is a work of art in itself.



Destination Wedding

A wedding abroad? We tell you everything about the destination wedding!

Since 1998, we have been organizing weddings throughout France and around the world, according to your desires and our know-how. Paris, New York, Italy, Marrakech, Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, Santorini... As many destinations as beautiful prestigious weddings to organize. Your dreams are cause for celebration – so we'll work to bring your ideas to life.

Client Testimonials

We are very grateful to our clients who have taken the time to share their experiences with us. We have gathered some of these testimonials for you to see how we have helped other couples plan their dream wedding.

    Working with Luxury Events Agency made our engagement/wedding in Monaco effortless, memorable and captivating. She takes care of you in a way that have you be focused on what's important and not be worried about details in the background necesary to have an epic engagement/wedding. Every step of the way she was in communication making sure that all our concerns were addressed and that everything was moving forward according to schedule. We now have memories that will live on and inspire others for generations to come. I highly recommmend her. If you want to have a memorable engagement or wedding I recommend none other than Sandrine. She will make it magical and beyond your imagination whether it be in Monaco or another city in the world!
  • Ju
    We had the most amazing, fairytale experience thanks to Sandrine and his amazing floral artwork! The beauty was simply overwhelming. She decorated the most romantic table for our 20th wedding anniversary at Saint-Jean-Cap Ferrat. The details in the floral design were that of an impressionist painting. Exquisite! I can't thank her enough, and all that planned the most special night of my life! I truly felt like a princess.
  • Francesca Biondi
    Un mariage réussi grâce à luxury évents agency. Une équipe fabuleuse. Chaque détails étaient présents. Nous ne remercieront jamais assez cette fabuleuse agence qui a fait de notre mariage, le rêve de notre vie. Je recommande plus que vivement Sandrine la dirigeante de cette agence incroyable.
    Francesca Biondi